Surendar Kumar, Author at Parhlo India

Breakup With Melvin Leaves Sana Khan In Tears At Special

Where there is love, sadness seldom follows. However, when the love fades away, all that remains are tears. That is exactly what happened to Bollywood actress Sana Khan at the trailer launch of Special Ops. Sana Khan, also famous for her stint in Big Boss Season 6, has become quite a familiar face. With her […]Read More

Valentine Week List: Celebrate 7 Days With The One You

The day of love celebrated around the globe on; 14th of February. Some might call it overrated, others might consider it a distraction. But one thing is for sure, that love has, is and always will be relevant. That’s why we have devised a Valentine Week List for you! The 14th of February, V-day, is […]Read More

Lifestyle And Electronic Items Sold More In Retail Than On

Although the e-commerce industry has taken the world specially India by storm, the retail industry remains to give it a tough competition. E-tailers such as Amazon and Flipkart are facing the sternness of the retail market. ┬áThere are certain products that are still more famous in offline stores than on the internet. Categories such as […]Read More

Virat Kohli Enters T20 ‘Top 10’ After West Indies Heroics

Hands down the best batsman in world cricket, Virat Kohli is now making his name in the T20i scene as well. After overpowering opponents in ODI and Test formats, Kohli is gripping his feet in the third format. Virat Kohli’s last three performances against a resilient West Indies side have proved his greatness. Kohli managed […]Read More