Viewers Call Big Boss 13 'Biased' As Twitter Speaks In Asim's Favor!

Viewers Call Big Boss 13 ‘Biased’ As Twitter Speaks In Asim’s Favor!

 Viewers Call Big Boss 13 ‘Biased’ As Twitter Speaks In Asim’s Favor!

Bigg Boss is one of the most followed reality TV shows in the region. As the Indian reality TV show enters its 13th season. It has literally given us plenty of moments that offer the best of entertainment. The concept of the show is very simple. A group of celebrities is put together inside a house over a period of time.

Is Big Boss 13 biased? Twitter speaks in Asim Riaz’s favor!

Things get interesting when they are given tasks and via a voting procedure, the last member remaining in the house wins the prize money. Over the course of this decade or a little longer than that Bigg Boss has become somewhat of an event. However, Big Boss season 13 is being called biased after Twitteratis started supporting Asim Riaz after Sidharth Shukla’s bad treatment.

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The USP of this show is the relationships between the celebrities who reside in the house. Some grow fond of each other giving us plentiful moments of love and friendships. However, the most entertaining part begins when these celebs do not get along with each other. The fights literally are the main essence of the show. Recently, as the show is right is in the middle of its 13th season, it gave us another memorable moment. We are talking about the scuffle between Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz.

#WeStandWithAsim trends on twitter!

This season of Bigg Boss surely can be considered as the best one yet. Each episode has its own fair share of twists and turns, ups and downs. And my word, the level of entertainment just keeps on rising. So as it happens that Bigg Boss really has the capability to surprise us at every turn. The concept of a mini finale literally takes the cake here, but to add on that Bigg Boss allowed another six wild card entries.

Seriously, they are blind!

Is Big Boss being biased?

Such a good-hearted individual!

Here’s why Asim’s winning chances are much higher this year!

#AsimSquad and their love for the contestant!

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Precisely, such stories get viral on social media after every Big Boss season gets on-air. Hosted by the king of box office Salman Khan, Bigg Boss has captivated the audience for its high levels of intense entertainment. Always. However, the viewers are expecting Big Boss to take strict action against Sidharth Shukla on his inappropriate behavior with Asim Riaz.

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