Netizens Troll Arshdepp Singh For His Catch Drop & Call Him 'Khalistani'

Netizens Troll Arshdepp Singh For His Catch Drop & Call Him ‘Khalistani’

 Netizens Troll Arshdepp Singh For His Catch Drop & Call Him ‘Khalistani’

Winning a match is part of the game. But defaming and torturing a player mentally isn’t acceptable. That’s what exactly happened in cricket for the past decade, where fans humiliate players for their one mistake and shatter their confidence.

Last night, Indian young player Arshdeep Singh became the victim of social media harassment and Twitter was filled with unimaginable tweets.

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Netizens were angry with Arshdeep for his catch drop at a crucial moment, there the whole game twisted and Pakistan won the match.

But for Arshdeep it was a nightmare because he couldn’t even stop Pakistani players to score runs and lost the match.

Arsdeep Singh under the boiling water

Arsdeep is right now trending on social media with the hashtag #Khalistani and that’s everything you need to know about it. One user wrote, “) Indian cricket player Arshdeep dropped a catch in the 2nd match of India Vs Pakistan, Asia Cup 2022. And, now accounts from Pakistan are running Khalistan propaganda & calling Arshdeep a Khalistani.”

Here is the thread!

Indian TV News channels anchors are also calling him Khalistani on life and it’s more threatening than ever.

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Where Indian extremists target Arshdeep very badly, on the other hand, some Indians and players are supporting him.

Supporting Arshdeep

Virat Kohli defending the young star, Kohli told a post-match press conference that “mistakes can happen”.

“Anyone can make a mistake. The situation was tight. It was a high-pressure game, and mistakes can happen,” the former Indian skipper told journalists.

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“I still remember, I was playing my first Champions Trophy, and the match was against Pakistan; I had played a very bad shot against Shahid Afridi. I was watching the ceiling till 5 am, I was not able to sleep, and I thought my career was over, but these things are natural,” Kohli said.

Former Indian player Harbhajan Singh called out Indian Trolls and stands with Arshdeep Singh. “Stop criticizing young @arshdeepsinghh. No one drop the catch purposely..we are proud of our ?? boys ..

Pakistan played better.. shame on such people who r putting our own guys down by saying cheap things on this platform bout arsh and team.. Arsh is GOLD”

That’s not the first time Indian players faced such a harsh reaction from Indian extremists. Last year when Pakistan defeated India in T20 World Cup, Virat Kohli’s 10 month daugher received rape threats  and Mohammed Shami also became a digital harassment victim and labelled as traitor. 

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