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Bhuvan Bham’s Web Series Dhindora Arrives At Bigg Boss

Bhuvan Bham is known for his iconic characters in his YouTube videos. From Bancho to Titu Mama to Mister Hola to Fameer. [adinserter block= “3”] Bhuvan no doubt brought lots of laughs and smiles with exceptional punchlines. It’s hard to act around 5 to 9 characters and there’s no other help in it. Bhuvan Bham […]Read More

Bigg Boss Season 15 Premier Night With Salman Khan

It’s finally here one of the most anticipated and popular shows Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss returns with its 15th season and some exciting contestants. [adinserter block= “3”] In the Bigg Boss OTT, everyone missed one person, which surely is the heart of Bigg Boss and that’s none other than Salman Khan. Salman Khan is back […]Read More

Sherni Jeet Gaye! Divya Agarwal First Ever Bigg Boss OTT

Finally, Bigg Boss OTT has come to an end and it was not shocking but surprising for the people who were saying that Shamita Shetty will lift the trophy. [adinserter block= “3”] Since the Bigg Boss OTT began, it looked like Bigg Boss has going in a different direction and just targeting one person or […]Read More

“Divya Agarwal Fighting Like A Lone Wolf In Bigg Boss”

Bigg Boss is one of the most-watched and popular reality show that came this year in a different form. This time since it began there’s one contestant who’s nailing it and always on trending. [adinserter block= “3”] Divya Agarwal, who also won the Ace of Space and came to Bigg boss once when her ex […]Read More

“Raj Kundra Arrested For Producing Adult Films” His Connection &

Raj Kundra one of the known British businessmen and husband of the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has always been in the limelight of controversy. [adinserter block= “3”] Raj Kundra was arrested for producing and distributing illegal movies scandal. Mumbai Crime Branch arrested Mr. Kundra was allegedly running a media production under the name of Armsprime […]Read More