Chandrayaan 3: India's Second Attempt At Soft Moon Landing by Nov 2020

Chandrayaan 3: India’s Second Attempt At Soft Moon Landing by Nov 2020

 Chandrayaan 3: India’s Second Attempt At Soft Moon Landing by Nov 2020

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) isn’t backing down after the failed Chandrayaan-2 mission on September 7. The organization has announced yet another attempt at soft-landing on the Moon by November 2020.

This news has definitely raised the hopes of many Indians as Chandrayaan-2 ‘s failure brought a major setback. Not to mention, years of hard work of many scientists and engineers went to waste in those few minutes of Vikram’s crash on the Moon’s surface. Moreover, India would have made history becoming the 4th nation to successfully land its rover on the Moon.

Chandrayaan-2 failed but its rover successfully orbits the Moon.

Previously, the Vikram Lander failed to make a soft landing as it was approaching the destination at a high speed than required. Moments before it was due to land, the communication was lost and the mission was deemed as a failure. However, according to the latest updates, the mission failed to land Vikram on the South pole, however, its rover continues to successfully orbit the Moon. Moreover, its payloads are functional, as well.

In addition to or orbiting, it continues to map the topography of the lunar surface. ISRO shared 3D images on Wednesday, which show the complete lunar surface. These images were mapped by the Terrain Mapping Camera-2.

Now, what can be expected from this new mission that is in the works to launch by next year? Indians woke up to this great news and couldn’t help but share their excitement. Of course, this isn’t any ordinary project. The fact that ISRO has announced another attempt in such a short span of time, is truly commendable.

Chandrayaan 3 will not include an orbiter.

According to the sources, Chandrayaan 3 will not include an orbiter of its own as Chandrayaan 2 also had one that underwent a successful orbital injection maneuver. However, scientists are reportedly planning on building its own lander and rover. Also, since the orbiter carries the engine and the fuel, as it did for Chandrayaan 2. This time, an additional detachable module will be included in Chandrayaan 3, with the propulsion systems.

Additionally, the scientists are looking into the data of the previous moon-landing mission to take necessary precautions. Moreover, it is also reported that the improvements that were suggested previously but weren’t incorporated due to lack of time, will be included this time around.

Indians are pleased and praying for a successful landing of Chandrayaan 3.

Millions woke up to such great news with an important lesson: Never Give Up!

ISRO’s efforts deserve great recognition indeed. Hard work always pays off.

Well said! “Failure doesn’t decide anyone’s future”

This project is expected to take off in a very short span of time, which is an achievement in itself.


All in all, everyone is looking forward to a successful second attempt. Not just the Indians, but Pakistanis are equally thrilled for the neighboring nation to achieve a great milestone such as this one. Team Parhlo sends their wishes and hopes that the life’s work of so many scientists, engineers, and many others come to fruition. Good luck ISRO!

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