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Hollywood’s Katy Perry Reaches India For A Music Festival!

Following her charm and melodious renditions, Katy Perry is a name that is familiar to every music listener in this world. Apparently, the American pop singer stands fame and has admirers/fans from all around the globe. To brighten up the lives of her Indian fans, currently, Katy Perry is residing in Mumbai following her performance […]Read More

Big-Hearted Kanpur Husband Helps Wife Get Married To Her Old

India, oh India, the home of Bollywood and thousands of love stories. In the land of love and admiration, it is impossible for real-life love stories do not occur often. The giving nature of Indians can be judged by this Kanpur husband’s actions. The story we’re sharing today seems to be a natural version of […]Read More

A Group Of Students Beat Up Their Female Teacher In

The humanity rule suggests respecting every individual living in this world in order to get the same in return. But still, some naive humans pull out the worst side in front of their future makers and the proofs start to float on social media. Similarly, earlier this week, a group of students studying in a […]Read More

Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh To Celebrate Their First Wedding

Last year, the wedding of the year had to be of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh! It literally had to be the most-talked-about deepveer wedding that had grabbed everyone’s attention. From how they would look and which designer will they be wearing, people just could not stop talking about it! Wait…Do you guys remember her […]Read More

Indian Singer Lata Mangeshkar’s Health In Critical Condition!

In this temporary world, every human moves forward with its own pace and choices reflecting upon the coming future. Undoubtedly, this planet is full of exceptionally talented individuals who do make a difference with their existence. Similarly, Indian legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar carries the same weight but unfortunately, these days her health is drastically deteriorating. […]Read More

Indian Cotton Exporters Desire Trade Ties With Pakistan

War is not just about weapons but about everything, which comes under the realm of humankind. The war between India and Pakistan has significantly impacted the region. Indian cotton exporters are yearning to reopen trade with Pakistan, as Pakistan is witnessing a 35 percent plunge in a cotton generation this year, stated Economic Times. Presently, […]Read More