During This Self Quarantine Period Make Pets As Your Co-Workers!

During This Self Quarantine Period Make Pets As Your Co-Workers!

 During This Self Quarantine Period Make Pets As Your Co-Workers!

As of now, many companies are observing the precautionary step of exhorting their employees to work from home due to Coronavirus outbreak. The decision elucidates people to efficiently carry out their office tasks at ease, whilst staying at their homes. This forestalls any chance of any infection, by the peer to peer interaction, from the Novel Coronavirus. In such a period of self-quarantine, having no one to interact with, you can make your pets be your co-workers.

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Make Your Pets Your Co-Workers!

We all acknowledge the fact that pets can be great companions in our daily routines, whether it be cats, dogs, or any other furry/feathery compatriot. Why not can they be great co-workers?

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Seemingly, some of the employees have found the solution as to how to lighten the mood during the completion of their tasks, while sitting comfortably in their rooms. The concerning people define the situation is this way that their pets are way more than eager to give them company. Or in other cases, not let them work from home at all, thus hampering all sorts of productivity during this time of Coronavirus outbreak.

These certain pet owners have been tweeting with pictures of their co-workers, which seemingly have gone viral.

For starters, Twitter user @MikePMcgehee says in his tweet that his co-working dog has not been serious with his job!

@actualdgreyson tweets complaining about his feline consort!

Marina StarLeaf Riker praises her pal for adorably carrying out the job, assigned to her!

As the 2nd day of self-quarantine approaches, twitter user Lexi Peak declares that work with her cats has gone seemingly farfetched. Clearly, now she thinks that her cats will kill her and take over her work!

Last but not least, Business Reporter from The Columbian, Anthony Mac asserts that it is his first day of self-quarantine. Nevertheless, the cats at his home are apparently trying to make the most of themselves in this situation!

The Global Health Dilemma!

Joke apart, the novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19 has infected nearly 110 infected patients, with one confirmed death of a 76-year-old man in Karnataka. Speaking of global statistics, around 3,000 people are claimed to be dead and more than 80,000 are suffering from its infection.

As the medical experts define it, the virus is completely a new strain, unbeknownst to humans. The most quotidian symptoms include common cold, shortness of breath and on and off happening flu. Moreover, its more terrifying forms are SARS and MERS which are for sure life-threatening.

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Virology experts inform that the COVID-19 got its name, from its shape, which exhibits crown-like protrusions. Statistics apprise that the city of Wuhan, China is the epicenter for the virus’s outbreak. However, China has locked down the city to control any further infections. Sadly, the virus has made its way to every country around the globe except in Antarctica.

What do you think of this topic? Have you got any pets as co-workers at your home? Be sure to share your insight in the comments section below!

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