This Is How Indian Railway Is Combating The Novel Coronavirus!

This Is How Indian Railway Is Combating The Novel Coronavirus!

 This Is How Indian Railway Is Combating The Novel Coronavirus!

Ever since the COVID-19 outpsread from its epicenter Wuhan, China, countries from all around the globe are striving at their bests to thwart this virus. Just like everyone else, Indian Railway broaches ways that it observes in its joust against the novel Coronavirus.

The Indian Railways Vs Coronavirus!

Owing to the Indian Railway authority, they opine that as of now, all kinds of trivial travels must be avoided. Following, the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, the authority advises people to stay safe and healthy indoors.

To ensure the welfare of the person in his journey from one location to another via any Indian train, the anent authorities have taken stern steps.

To begin with, the Railway zones have inflated the ticket prices from  Rs.10 to Rs.50 to prevent any peripheral travels. This relatable addendum is temporary, and therefore will be turned to normal, once the situation is in influence.

Moreover, Indian Railway has proposed inflexible decision regarding spitting on platforms and within the vicinity of the station regarding Coronavirus. The Central Railways claim that they will be charging Rs 13,900 from those people who will violate spitting rules.

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Additionally, the Railway Campaign illustrates awareness campaigns regarding the severity of Coronavirus. The campaign, nevertheless, comprehends posters on platforms, trains, and pamphlet distributions to the local in the Hindi language.

Both Central Railways and Western Railway have taciturn curtains from AC coaches, to prevent any further COVID-19 infections. Currently, the officials are rendering special attention to the sanitation of grab handles, door handles, door latches, entry door handles, seat guard, snack trays, window glass, window grills, bottle holders, upper berth climbing stairs, which passengers routinely touch.

indian railways coronavirus
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Declaring It As State Calamity!

Speaking of now, the countries mostly swayed by the Coronavirus as China, Italy, and Iran, with global statistics claiming 288,035 cases, and 11,949 deaths. On a positive note, 93,617 people have been successfully cured.

So far, India has confirmed around 279 cases. Out of which 23 have fully recovered, and unfortunately 4 innocents have lost their lives. News reports devise that, after the discovery of the third case, it was Kerala, who declared it a state calamity in order to make other citizens aware.

Furthermore, the government also corroborates unsparing measures to ensure that the citizens around the nation are working remotely in their homes and avoiding any needless public interactions.

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