Sona Mohapatra Claps Back At Anu Malik's Response To Harassment Allegations!

Sona Mohapatra Claps Back At Anu Malik’s Response To Harassment Allegations!

 Sona Mohapatra Claps Back At Anu Malik’s Response To Harassment Allegations!

If you don’t know who Sona Mohapatra is, well then, here’s what you need to know. Sona Mohapatra is an Indian singer, music composer, and lyricist born in Cuttack, Odisha. She has gained a massive fan base as she’s performed in numerous concerts all across the world and has also been featured in albums, singles, music videos, advertisements, and even Bollywood films!

Not only this, but she was the first person to call Anu Malik out on abuse allegations, following the #MeToo movement. After the accusations, Anu Malik said that the claims were unverified and has deeply affected his family’s mental health.

Speaking of which, in the Bollywood industry, there have been many harassment incidents where big names have been accused. The living legend, Nana Patekar was also accused of harassment Tanushree Dutta!

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Sona Mohapatra has come forth clapping back Anu Malik after his response to all the allegations

Here’s what she said in her tweet:

“Anu Malik finally wrote back to all of us last evening. My response to him, next to his letter. In case mine is too long to read, I have also attached a shorter, crisper one, one amongst many on my timeline. Thank you @KallolDatta for saying it better #India @IndiaMeToo.”

Her tweet:

Here’s what she wrote:

Hello Mr Anu Malik,


Responding to your letter from last night which is posted on my timeline too.


  1. You were waiting for the ‘truth’ to the surface you said? The only ‘truths’ that have surfaced after I called you out last year is that many more women have told their stories of sexual harassment, assault experiences with you. Shweta Pandit told of her trauma of how you scarred her at a young age of fifteen! A kid. Danica D’Souza, Ex Indian Idol Producer told of how you harassed crew & contestants alike. Caralisa Monteiro spoke up too. Neha Bhasin spoke up a fortnight ago about her own story with you, she was only twenty-one & many more who aren’t famous did too & in detail. Alisha Chinai too corroborated the pattern & spoke her truth. None of these women are connected or have anything to gain by speaking up about the predatory behavior of one powerful, rich, perverted person.

  1. ‘unverified’ allegations you say? These are multiple testimonies of independent sane women speaking coherently & they have a common thread & story. What about the ‘mental health’ of all these people who have gone through this traumatic experience because of you? Did you care about them over these years? What about the mental health of the good India & all the victims & their families when they see you flaunting yourself on TV rubbing it in? Your free pass in society & encouraging others like you?

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  1. Why should we speak up now that you are on TV you said? Well, you have no right to be platformed on National TV till you make amends. 1.3 billion people exist in India. Not everyone needs to make crores on TV to survive or be ‘judge’ to young people whose safety they jeopardize. You aren’t a role model. You could always take a break, go to a sex-rehab or counseling or somewhere to reflect on how to behave better. Ask your kids to do a hard days job & earn a salary. They are adults. I started working at 22. Open a Biriyani shop, Bindi shop or any other business. Do whatever it takes. Stay away from the public eye? Show some remorse? Say sorry? If you did, this would not have happened. There you go! You answered your own question.
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. Being a father of two daughters doesn’t prove anything. Clearly it hasn’t held your libido back. There is no link to being a husband, father, brother & being a predator.


  1. Yes, the show must go on! Without you. Don’t jeopardize the hard work of so many people & the dreams of so many contestants just for your personal glory & ambitions.


  1. Step Down Malik.

  1. & YES, please do go to court. I request you to do so. Not just these 10 testimonies, we shall ensure ten times those are presented for the world to see. Let’s set a precedent for India, Mr Anu Malik. Let’s make sure no one feels like behaving like you have over the decades. I have the utmost faith.


  1. Justice shall indeed be served.

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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