Gauri Khan Openly Talks About His Son's Arrest

Gauri Khan Openly Talks About His Son’s Arrest

 Gauri Khan Openly Talks About His Son’s Arrest

Last year was a bad year for Shahrukh Khan and his family. They were surrounded by media and fans when their eldest son was arrested and things went out of hand. It was one of the biggest controversial high-profile cases.

Even though after several trials, and rejected bails Aryan got a clean sheet but still the whole scenario haunts Khan and his family.

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Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan were surrounded by various opinions from right to left but both of them kept it, mum.

Recently, Gauri Khan appeared at Koffee with Karan and opened up about it for the first time.

Gauri Khan Openly Talk About Her Son’s Case

Karan didn’t ask about the case specifically, but Gauri shared that it has been a tough time for Gauri and the family. “It’s been such a tough time for (Shah Rukh Khan) not just professionally but recently with everything the family went through personally. You all have emerged so strongly.”

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“As a family, I know it hasn’t been easy. I know you as a mother and him as a father, and all of us like we’re members of the same family. I feel like I’m your children’s Godparent as well.

It hasn’t been easy but Gauri I’ve seen you come out even stronger. What do you have to say about your own way of handling tough times, when families go through something like that,” he added.

Gauri, speaking about the situation, told Karan, “Yes, as a family, we’ve been through… I think nothing can be worse than what we’ve just been through, obviously, as a mother, as a parent. But today where we stand as a family, I can say that we are in a great space where we feel loved by everyone.”

I Just Feel Blessed

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Gauri added, “And all our friends, and so many people whom we did not know. So many messages and so much love and I just feel blessed. And I would say I’m grateful to all the people who have helped us through this.”

Aryan Khan received endless support from Bollywood and even from neighboring country Pakistan as well. On March, Aryan Khan was released as no evidence was found.

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