Sonam Kapoor Reveals How She Felt Unsafe In An Uber In London!

Sonam Kapoor Reveals How She Felt Unsafe In An Uber In London!

 Sonam Kapoor Reveals How She Felt Unsafe In An Uber In London!

In a world where unfortunate incidents are taking place too often, many people are now finding it easier to speak and up and be vocal about any unfortunate incident they come across. Be it a famous celebrity or a commoner, the power of social media is now being used to raise awareness and expose the harshness of this world. Recently, our famous celebrity Sonam Kapoor visited London and she spoke about something really disturbing that happened there with her.

Sonam Kapoor Reveals How She Felt Unsafe In An Uber In London!

Famous Bollywood diva, Sonam Kapoor shared a similar experience and that too, in London! Who would have thought such a thing could also happen in London? Well, let’s face it – bullying, harassment, violence is at its peak all around the world.

Speaking of what Sonam Kapoor had faced in London, here’s what she had to say. The star, however, chose to keep it short and mentioned that she felt unsafe and that the incident has left her shaken.

Here’s what she tweeted!

“Hey guys I’ve had the scariest experience with  @Uber London. Please please be careful. The best and safest is just to use the local public transportation or cabs. I’m super shaken.”

Sonam tweeted her experience, her fans and followers were quick to show their support. Some were curious to ask what exactly had happened.

We hope she gets out of the trauma


To which, Sonam finally revealed what actually had happened

Although there were people supporting her, many thought that she was making it up and blaming the driver without any evidence. Here’s what they had to say:

And this…

Honestly, we can’t really blame her.

And some even tried making fun of her

This wasn’t the only unfortunate incident that Sonam has experienced. Earlier in this month, Sonam Kapoor had filed a complaint against British Airways on Twitter for misplacing her luggage. Sonam mentioned that she has travelled via British Airways thrice and lost her baggage twice.

Here’s what she had tweeted:

“This is the third time I’ve travelled with British Airways this month and the second time they’ve lost my bags. I think I’ve learnt my lesson. I’m never flying with British Airways again,”. However, British Airways did apologize.

British Airways was quick to apologize for the inconvenience.

Moreover, such incidents at times can’t be avoided and Sonam was unfortunate to have experienced them. We hope her concerns and complaints have been taken care of.

We request everyone to be safe and vocal about such incidents and always find the courage to speak up so we could help save others.

What do you think of Sonam Kapoor’s experience? Do you stand by her? How do you think these problems should be taken care of? Let us know in the comments below.


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