Rashmi Shaarvi Sings Camilla's Song Havana With A Coronavirus Twist!

Rashmi Shaarvi Sings Camilla’s Song Havana With A Coronavirus Twist!

 Rashmi Shaarvi Sings Camilla’s Song Havana With A Coronavirus Twist!

Amidst all the desolation kindled by the novel COVID-19, an Indian girl Rashmi Shaarvi tries to lighten the mood by single Camilla Cabello’s song, Havana with her very own Coronavirus twist. The video of Rashmi Shaarvi singing the Corona song with her refashion sense has gone viral over social media platforms.

According to Rashmi’s twitter bio, the latter chronicles herself as a vocalist, composer, and dancer.

Rashmi Brings A Coronavirus Twist To Camilla’s Song

In the previous week, a young girl, Rashmi Shaarvi endeavored to boost the morale by her song of those, who are fearing for their lives, as the novel virus Corona continues to tear down families and homes. Nevertheless, the young lady took it to her social media account and sang Camilla Cabello’s song Havana, with a little Coronavirus twist.

rashmi coronavirus song
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Starting with the lyrics, Rashmi went with: “Corona…ooh..na na. All of my mind is in Corona..ooh..na na. It came all the way from China na na. Everyone is freaking out Corona. There is something about this virus Corona na na.

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Also, Rashmi goes on to address her viewers through her caption saying: “There is no need to panic. Stay hydrated and keep yourself hygienic. If you feel any symptoms, go see a doctor immediately. Let us hope to beat this spineless intruder soon. Hope the affected people recover soon.

Here is Rashmi’s tweet of singing her version of Havana!

As of now, the video has been viewed for over 13,000 times, with viewers bestowing positive comments below.

Receiving A Token Of Appreciation From Others!

Following the video getting viral, Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra re-tweeted her song. Moreover, Anand applauded her, on her vocals and her attempt to ease the on-growing tension.

In his official tweet, he added: “This young lady’s song is an amusing parody, but she has some serious vocal talent.. Here’s hoping you become a star, Rashmi.

Here is Anand’s tweet praising Rashmi!

Additionally, other twitter users also re-tweeted her song praising the young lady for her vocal feats. For starters, a twitter user, Hiteshwar Sharma tweeted saying: “Beautiful voice and awesome lyrics.

Below is Hiteshwar’s tweet!

The deadly COVID-19 originated from Wuhan, China, and has brought its wrath on more than 100 countries, globally. As of now, the virus has infected around 110 people in India, including a death case of a 76-year-old man in Karnataka. Previously, Kerala declared the virus’s outbreak as a state calamity.

What are your comments on Rashmi Shaarvi’s song? Be sure to share your insight in the comment section below!

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