Top Ten Viral TikTok Videos In India During COVID-19 Lockdown

Top Ten Viral Tik Tok Videos In India During COVID-19 Lockdown

 Top Ten Viral Tik Tok Videos In India During COVID-19 Lockdown

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, people have started losing track of time in the lockdown. People are finding it difficult to spend their days in quarantine. However, even during the COVID-19 outbreak, people are trying to engage themselves through different activities. One of the tools through which people are trying to engage themselves is TikTok. As a result, we have compiled a list of the top 10 TikTok videos that went viral in India in the last week during lockdown.

Nowadays people, specifically celebrities, are getting a lot of spare time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are utilizing this time by using the Chinese-video sharing app where they make and upload relatable and entertaining videos.

1. The Tabla Guy

With the release of its season 4, Money Heist instantly became a sensation and after that its title song Bella Ciao started to trend on TikTok. As far as the background of the song is concerned, it’s an Italian song, the existence of which came at the times of the Italian civil war.  The famous Tabla Guy has provided Bella Ciao a desi twist. This video has gone viral and attracted many fans. Enjoy the video.

Image Credits: TikTok

2. Shilpa Shetty

Many celebrities have made videos on the Moneyheist theme song. Avid app user Shilpa Shetty also took part in the trend.

shilpa tiktok
Image Credits: TikTok

3. Champi beats

Another ongoing trend associated with the Tiktok videos are the champi beats. TikTok now has accompanying music for that as well. Enjoy comedian Bharti giving a champi to her husband.

Bharti tiktok
Image Credits: TikTok

4. Vishal Pandey

The song Dil Galati Kar Betha Hai has also been trending on TikTok. This has given a rise to a lot of extremely hilarious videos. The video by Vishal Pandey shows a father asking his son for some water. But the way, the son pours water and what happens after that falls so perfectly with the lyrics.

Vishal tiktok
Image Credits: TikTok

5. Happy dance trend

The signature dance steps from Happy Dance trend have now got all the attention. The trend initially started on TikTok. However, it has now all showed up on other social media platforms as well. The couple doing the Happy Dance with constant outfit change will just blow your mind away.

couple tiktok
Image Credits: TikTok

6. Siblings love

This video shows the funny moments siblings have with each other.

Sibling tiktok
Image Credits: TikTok

7. Siblings Prank

Another hilarious video of the funny moments between a brother and sister. This brother putting toothpaste in between biscuits for his sister and feeding her gave us a good laugh.

Sibling prank tiktok
Image Credits: TikTok

8. Waiting for the end of the lockdown

This next video is for all the people who cannot wait for the lockdown to get over.

Lockdown tiktok
Image Credits: TikTok

9. Aparshakti and his wife sad for having no Maggi available

Aparshakti Khurana chats with his wife and discussing the ways COVID-19 has changed their life. He is sad about the fact that there is no Maggi in the market.

Aparshakti tiktok
Image Credits: TikTok

10. Daily routine during quarantine

This video shares the daily routine of a guy during quarantine. We think that it’s relatable to everyone.

Daily routine tiktok
Image Credits: TikTok

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